Professional Caricature Artist Available for hire

Chris, a highly skilled professional Caricature Artist and Illustrator who holds over 20 years’ experience because of this he has an extensive portfolio of artwork.

He works using traditional pen and paper as well as working with newer digital media. Because Chris works in both methods, he can offer of images that are available to downloaded directly onto your computer or as physical prints. He prides himself on his high quality, bespoke and detailed caricatures and illustrations.

He designs to the client’s own specifications on an affordable budget. Chris is also available to appear at different events and functions as a roving caricaturist. This includes weddings, parties, corporate events or even graduations or exhibition stands and even product launches… in fact, just about any kind of event you can think of!

Studio work can be used in Newspapers and Magazines as well as on Stationary, Notebooks as content for Websites, social media.

Chris can help you find out more about the art of caricature. Start by arranging for him to be a speaker at your Art Group, W.I. or Lunch Club?

Chris is available to run workshops on the art of caricature for Art Societies and Youth Groups.



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